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Window Cleaning Services

Back to Bright take window cleaning very seriously. We hear time and time again about cowboy cleaners professing to use this new technique or that one, but still leaving the client feeling very dissatisfied.


For instance “the purification” method is the latest methodology, which unless performed correctly can leave the windows and surrounding areas appear filthier than before. The reason for this is because purified water attracts dirt molecules and as the water runs down the property it will carry grime with it.


The key is to thoroughly clean, dry, not only the windows but also all the surrounding areas. After a couple of treatments not only will your windows look fantastically clean but they remain clean for far longer as our treatments resist attracting dust.

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0113 243 1077

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Areas included by our specialised window cleaning operatives

• Windows

• Sills

• Frames

• Surround

• Glass Doors, Frames & Surround



Areas other companies

normally offer

• Windows