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Roofing & Gutter Clearance / Repair

Back to Bright uses various methods to clean the roofs of domestic properties.


It is amazing what one little moss spore can do! As most homeowners will know, once moss has burgeoned, will lead to many difficulties, which over time can be costly. Moss is not the only culprit; algae and lichen are repeat offenders also. If you are here as a casualty of the above, this does NOT mean you need a new roof, as many will tell you. If cleaned and maintained early enough, no structural repairs should be necessary.


As each property has it’s own unique “fingerprint” i.e. materials used, method of laying, age, level of deterioration, height and shape. This means no ONE method technique or application will suffice.


Each roof will need to be risk assessed for the most suitable treatment. This survey shall be free of charge. A live video feed will be offered from start to completion of survey, alongside running commentary, describing in great detail an area of your home rarely seen up close.




Dependent on the type of roofs we would; pressure wash: concrete tiles, slates, clay, roofing sheets & asbestos. For most shingle roofs we would use gentler methods, such as hand removal. We also use environmentally friendly, biodegradable treatments to break up and remove these stubborn spores. We are very careful to get the pressure and treatment correct in every unique case. Our confidence in our results is such that we offer a no nonsense satisfaction guarantee.



• Uplifts the aesthetics of your home.

• Increased curb appeal.

• Increases value of home.

• Save money on gutter cleans.

• Decrease risk of leaks and damp.

• Decrease risk of repairs or roof replacement

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