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Biotechnology, nanotechnology and biodegradable concentrates have enabled us to make a whole new range of natural, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning products available to our clients.


We are constantly looking to adopt new technologies to improve productivity, job reporting and the service we provide to our client.


Green Cleaning

As a company we recognise that the nature of our business has the potential to have a detrimental impact on the environment, particularly where we use cleaning materials. Therefore, we have made the decision to promote an environmentally responsible approach to the provision of our cleaning services.


The past several years have given rise to new technologies in products and processes that have allowed “green” cleaning to be done more effectively, in a cost-neutral manner and in a way that is good for the environment and the occupants of buildings we service.

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Back To Bright offers the use of not only environmentally-preferable paper products and chemicals but takes an envorinmentally responsible approach in every aspect of our operation including equipment, procedures, training, recycling and more.

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